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Ever wonder what wild water tastes like? It tastes wetter, fresher, and feels better! Before it gets piped away, water begins by falling from the sky and splashing down on Earth, then it makes a run towards the sea, sometimes charting new courses, and sometimes getting lost on the way. The natural processes of water allow for natural filtering, mineralization, aeration, and a huge buildup of kinetic energy (KE) that gyrates the water molecules and allows for natural molecular hydrogenation. As modern society has changed many things, it has also changed the flow and dynamic of water. Piping, storing, and processing have all changed our water. We have tamed our wild water, and have inadvertently deadened it’s potential. This potential KE is what catalyzes wellness within our bodies. It is the foundation and predominant makeup of our bodies. Without this, we aren’t well and eventually, we will cease to exist.

Why wouldn’t we value the quality of water that we put in our most precious possession? 

We should, and you can start! The Water Bar serves you from your first glass in the morning, till your last glass when you go to bed, with fresh, ionized, alkalized water, full of (KE)! 

Let us serve you by the glass, by the bottle, or by the jug. Refill your bottles and save on CRV while being Eco-friendly. 

What’s more powerful than ionized, alkalized drinking water? 

2.5ph strong acidic water that kills 99.9% of bacteria, including the Mersa virus. The powerful, safe and practical alternative to chemical cleaning products. 

11.5ph strong alkaline water that acts as an emulsifier when mixed with oil. This allows you to break down the wax layer on fruits and vegetables without scrubbing. It can replace your laundry detergent, acting as a sensitive cleaner that is allergen safe. 

There’s even more water can do, come in for a free sample and demonstration.



~Detoxify your body.

~Introduce Bioavailable Anti-Oxidants to your body. 

~Natural cleaner. 

~Whiten your teeth. 

~Soothe sunburns.

~Clean cuts and scrapes with a strong antibacterial. 

~Natural hand sanatizer. 

~Relieve and treat skin conditions. 

~Clean harsh chemicals from fruits and vegetables safely. 

Water For Life


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